“from 1980”




A few km from Milan, in the Ticino park,stands Cascina Calva, surrounded by nature, cradle of biodiversity, between fountains and the Terdoppio stream that runs along it. We grow Carnaroli rice, Rome, Baldo, purely used for risottos, but also round rice for sushi or cake preparations, Indica rice (long rice) used for side dishes or flours.



All our animals present in the farm have at their disposal the necessary space to be able to live together peacefully, without aggression and stress. The diet involves the use of mixtures based on plant substances,mostly produced directly by our farmers.


Meat Sale

In our internal laboratory we prepare the meat for sale by vacuum packaging it. We store them in our cold rooms for aging at least 21 days until delivery with our own fleet of vehicles. We guarantee a fast and certified service, offering a wide choice of quality products.


Direct shop

In via Roma 17 in Gambolò there is our well-stocked retail point of sale,where you can buy our meat, but you will also find selected Doc products in the delicatessen department, cheeses, fruits and vegetables, fine wines of oltrepò Pavese and Piemontesi, and of course our Rice  CO.PR.AG.